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Choosing the Right Transportation for your Wedding Day

You said yes! Now the work begins. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows full well the amount of work that is involved. Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but most people will agree, it’s a lot of work. Don’t be scared, you’ve got this. Here are some tips from industry pros for scoping out some great transportation options for your wedding so it goes off without a hitch, so you can get hitched stress free.

Leave This One for the Pros

Planner here, and if I have one solid tip for you – there are things you will want to do professionally, and there are things that you CAN do on your own if you are on a budget. Flowers. Not disastrous if it does’t work out. I mean flowers are pretty no matter what right? If only you could hire pros for everything I can hear some of you saying. If you can, lucky you! That may not be the case for everyone, but if you were thinking that you could hire that new transportation company with cheap rates I would encourage you to think again, and let me tell you why.

Coordinating group transportation looks easy if you are a passenger. That’s because  you’ve worked with professional transportation companies who took care of every last detail before, during, an after an event. It’s a complicated process, and not one you want to leave to novices. Experienced transportation companies will consider every detail of your big day, which means you don’t have to worry about a thing. Not. One. Single. Thing. Baby. It’s their job!

Where do you Start?

Once you’ve decided to leave it to the pros, you still have some work to do. Your pro is going to have A LOT of questions for you, so be ready. They are going to ask you things you didn’t even think of, and that’s exactly why you hired them. Know some basic details about your event to help your pro out.

  • Where is the ceremony? Start time?
  • Where is the reception? Start time?
  • How many guests? Where are they staying?
  • Where are vendors unloading? Are you feeding these people? Where? What?
  • Are these are a lot of questions? Is eloping looking attractive now?

No really, I haven’t even started. Every question will open up a door to 5 more. Welcome to event planning. Don’t sweat it, we can do this in our sleep, and I’m pretty sure I have.

Go Slow Now to Go Fast Later

What the heck does that mean? I know, it’s queued many a strange look when I’ve said it to clients. Every aspect of this day is going to be detailed out. Everything. The kind of food you’ll eat, who’s allergic to it and where you are sitting to eat it. Easy right? Prepare to go down the proverbial rabbit hole with almost every decision you make. Why do you think brides get so testy during the planning process? 

Here are some things to think about:

Arrivals & Departures-  Details like this are crucial. Where are guests staying? How are these people getting back and forth? Are guests arriving and departing at the same time? The answers to these questions dictate the number and size of vehicles you will need.

Venue – Think about the distance of your venues before you decide whether to shuttle guests (moving a few vehicles back and forth), or have the total number of vehicles needed to move guests simultaneously between points. 

Get away vehicles – Many weddings use get away cars for the bride and groom to take off to their honeymoon. No honeymoon? You may still decide to use a special vehicle after. Ask about wedding packages that have this feature built in.

Wedding Party – Where is the wedding party getting ready? How many people? Drinking? Wedding party vehicles can offer drinks on board which can be great fun and relaxing for those special people in your wedding party.

Plan for your Planner

Planning a wedding is a fun and exciting time. For many, the process evolves as you go. The more you plan ahead with your planner, even if that person is you, the easier your life will be.

Now get busy. You have a wedding to plan.